My brother just had his first kid, and called me after he got rear ended in his mustang  to tell me he was deathly afraid of his kid getting injured in an accident with the old slow Balt, so I’m getting it back. It’s my old car that I gave to my dad when I got the ST, and he gave it to my brother as a cheap daily when he got a new job requiring 90+ miles daily and owned a mustang and charger (lol mpg). It’s a 2009 cobalt LS XFE, with manual locks/windows/trans/etc. new clutch, tires, brakes, new fuel system (replaced under warranty in 2016). Looks much worse than this as it was rear ended a few years ago and we took the cash (third time in a year I was hit and it wasn’t my fault, just didn’t want to deal with it anymore, plus my dads general neglect). Now my original stable of the cobalt and my ninja 250 will be back together once I get the ninja running. It will obviously be joined with my ST and the street triple. I’ll probably replace the rear bumper so it looks better and call it a day. Now, what to do with a two car garage when you have three cars and two bikes? We shall find out. If this is reliable enough I may sell the ST, and if it ends up breaking after that just take all the cash and buy anothee cheap beater. We will see.

And yes, I do love my ST but with two bikes for fun and my lack of fun use in winter (and in general), I’m not quite sure where the ST fits in my life right now. It will see significantly less mileage between the bikes and this car, and this car will replace 95%+ of the ST’s duties.

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