If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

My car was an extra in Batman Vs. Superman: AMA

I was paid to park my car and eat some food and hang out for way too long in the unheated Uptown Theater in Chicago.

You can see it (well, I can cause I know what to look for) in the background of this flashback scene where Han Solo dies Wayne’s parents are killed. Screenshot from the comic-con trailer on YouTube.


Not the glamuor shot I was hoping for, but I haven’t seen the movie yet so who knows if it will be any more visible. Enjoy some other pics from the night.

A pair of Gotham City Cabs.
Gotham is also a state? And the flashback scene must take place in late 1980 or early 1981 given the fall/winter weather.
A passerby had to snap a picture of the plate. Note the Avanti in front of me.
DOTS. Staging before filming. That’s the Lincoln seen in the screen shot above.
Looking out from inside the theater. A pair of gold and white Mercuries.
The L stop was also transformed.

I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but, as you could imagine, that was frowned upon.

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