Had my truck towed in last week for a bad misfire and P0301, it’s intermittent. They saw the oil should be changed and I need to do that to finish diagnostics. Paid $50 for an oil change. It didn’t happen again while it was there, paid $120 for a diagnostics. After taxes, $182. Warranty covered: $0.

Guess what? Still happening. Took it back last night. They think it’s a lifter. They don’t want to touch it. I have to get it to a Dodge dealer 3 miles away, both of these dealers are 15 miles from home with shit I-95 traffic. I’ll also have to fork over the deductible and now a second dealer’s diagnostic charge.

Not a happy camper.

Summary so far:

$2050 paid

$700 on 3/16,

$420 on 6/17, $220 not covered.

$0 on 11/18, $182 not covered.