Alright, for a theme let's try something different. Post YOUR car and an explanation of why you like them. And rather than starting a hundred individual posts, drop them in a thread.

'02 Dodge Dakota:

My first and probably last brand new car. Picked it up on 10/3/01 and it's been extremely reliable, never once even threatening to need a tow. It's done everything I've asked and still puts a smile on my face every time. I paid $19,470 for it and got my money's worth easily. I still consider it my DD. It's also been tracked doing bracket racing with a best time of 15.509@89.5MPH.

'61 Chevy Corvair:


Bought from a lien sale, the previous owner had bought it and squirreled it away for three years before a divorce forced the sale (the wife didn't know about it, but the money came from her funds). It has a hodge podge of a '62-'63 FC engine and a '64 differential. Paid $2400. It's a work in progress that doesn't seem to like sitting around. They really do handle MUCH better than you would expect and if the tire pressures are set right the handling characteristics really are quite docile. I do suspect that if it had made it until 1975 when the gas crisis hit, we may still have Corvairs at the dealership.

So what's your ride?