The weakness of one is the strength of the other.

The Miata is fairly miserable to drive any distance in, with its lack of functional air conditioning, lack o trunk space, stiff springs, and gearing that results in 4200 rpm @ 80mph. Meanwhile, the TA has solid AC, truck like storage capacity, reasonable suspension, and turns something like 1500 rpm @ 80mph.

The TA excels at stop and go and 55+, while the Miata loves 20-60.

The weight, springs, and solid axle limit the TA’s autoX prowess, whereas the Miata is basically perfect for it. Light and nimble vs. big and torquey.

I find both of them rather handsome, and I couldn’t be happier to have both around to drive... like once a week (I put the Miata in its garage this morning, and went and got groceries in the TA just now, so I probably won’t drive either until this weekend)