My cat is a big fan of this space heater

Oliver loves having me work at home. So much so that when I’m sitting in my desk chair, he stands up on his back feet, stretches his paws up to my lap, and bugs me to pay attention to him. This most often happens when he wants me to move to the couch so he can take a nap next to me. But he has a backup option!

My office/basement is a little drafty, because it’s a walk-out basement with a fireplace in a 3-level townhouse. Lots of potential for cold to seep in. My desk is next to the patio door, so I use this little space heater, rather than heat the whole house to a higher temperature.


When Oliver does his stand up stretch out PAY ATTENTION TO ME routine, but I want to stay in the chair, he eventually settles in with the heater in some way. But just now I found him with his damn face right on the thing. Cheeky little bastard you are, Oliver!

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