My Charger apparently is pissed that winter is on its way...

Within the last few days a few, seemingly unrelated, issues have popped up. Anyone who can correlate them beyond face value gets an internetz

1) started hearing sloshing right in front of my passenger dash - seems like my heater core is low on antifreeze, checked but seemed ok and heat seems fine, will add more just to be safe


2) newfound whine accompanied by low voltage at idle (12 Volts at idle and 14 when moving, used to be 14ish at all times) - seems like alternator is going out

3) new warbling/vibration noise coming from engine at almost exactly 2000 rpms....can't tell if loose bolt or exhaust or what...totally stumped on this one

If anyone has any suggestions or comments please let me know bc it's odd that these all popped up at once.

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