This is a response to Kristen Lee’s post about the Honda commercial. Apparently she doesn’t like it because a little red hatchback was replaced with a beige CRV. Sure, it was “sad” as a car enthusiast to see someone’s childhood car drive away and be replaced with the evil beige monster. But listen to this.

It goes without saying that Jalops hate minivans. To them, minivans are probably their equivalent to Satan himself. It’s a “dead enthusiast’s” car, I guess.

But you want to know what my childhood car was? A green 2000 Honda Odyssey LX.

Yep, this was it. Not that exact one, but it looks exactly like the one I grew up with. Plenty of great memories in that car. We sold it after ten years of duty, and I couldn’t have been sadder to see it go. Hell, we also had a Lexus LX450 and a 1986 Toyota Celica, but the Odyssey was my favorite of the three by far.

Yeah, that beige CRV may seem like “the harbinger of doom,” but it will be another’s childhood car. Memories will be made in it despite its classification or color.


Honestly this sort of fanboy-ism is what I despise about car enthusiasts. At the end of the day they’re all just appliances. Don’t tear yourself up over irrelevant concerns.