At least it was just my phone -.-

But yea, screen is efffffed. No SR20 because, well, that was the only camera I had.

Also, in order to keep my grandfathered $80 unlimited data plan on Verizon, I had bought this Moto X when it was $150 off last December. I'm eligible for an upgrade, but then I have to get on a tiered data plan, and I've been using 8GB/mo not caring about wifi. That would cost $120/mo, or $90/mo for 4GB if I throttle it back and start using wifi and hoping for the best. And as for getting a new phone, I want the next gen Moto X, but that won't be available until Oct 6. I think I can live without a smartphone until then, but what if I literally can't even?


  1. Fix the screen on my current phone: $175
  2. Wait for new Moto X, pay full price to keep unlimited data: $500ish
  3. Wait for new Moto X, sell soul to tiered data: $(less for phone, more monthly?)
  4. Pick a different smartphone, either sell soul or full price: ???

What to do here, Oppo? Also open to Android suggestions.