Which one can you get into, turn the key, and legally drive on public roads today? The contenders, left to right: 1997 2.2CL “Acura Integrated” $1900 CL find, 1991 Honda Accord “Project Deathtrap”, 1999 manual-swapped, boosted to over 400 hp, riding on air springs SC300. Update with answer: The Lexus. Despite not running for most of the last 6 months, the ethanol burning tuned to the edge of death Lexus is kicking while the Acura has a bad ignition switch (starter was swapped in our lot last night), and the Honda is just as illegal to drive on the roads as it looks like it would be. Plan is to hot-wire the Acura to get it out of here then wire a push-button ignition under the dash, because the cost of getting a new key cylinder in a ‘97 Acura is going to come close to the value of the car.


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