My commute before and after the Woolsey fire

I haven’t been up there yet since the fire passed through the Malibu canyons but normally I commute through this spot every day. Often enough that I have a photo from the same exact spot just a month or so ago!


Once it’s safe to do so, I definitely want to take a drive with my dash cam rolling to really compare the difference. There’s some other photos I saw on Facebook that really seem frightening and make it seem like it’s gonna be a while before I can drive any of those roads though. Hoping some of the houses down in that area made it out okay but it’s not looking to good based on this...

Fire is still burning too so we shall see what happens with the weather and heroic firefighting efforts.


Here’s some video I have from right in the middle of that fire area, before it burned. Lots of trees and houses that I probably won’t see again:

Found on YouTube from during the fire:

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