I like it. It’s not perfect by any means, and I was hoping for some bigger changes, but it’s a good and entertaining show.

I do have some nits to pick:
- I don’t like the new track. It’s too slow and not that interesting to watch.
- “The American” shtick was kinda sorta funny the first few times, but now I just roll my eyes.
- The celebrity brain crash bit on the first episode would’ve been a great way to kill that part of the show and move on ... but no, they kept doing it. Gee, I wonder if May will say, “Does that mean they’re not coming on?” this time!?!


That said, TGT really should just stand for Top Gear in a Tent. I’m OK with that. I can certainly understand not liking The Grand Tour, if you were sick of Top Gear the way it was and were hoping this fresh start would mean big new changes. However, if you liked Top Gear up until the bitter end, but somehow think The Grand Tour is massively different and awful, then you’re just an old man yelling at a cloud.

Also, minus a million internets to anybody who complains about the show being scripted. Top Gear was scripted from day one, and they’ve never claimed it to be otherwise.