She posted this to Facebook last night:

“To the cop that pulled me over and took my car today: There are plenty of drunk drivers, speeders, and other people driving without a license that you could have pulled over today but no, you decided to pull me over because my tags were expired. I was not speeding, I used my turn signals and did everything else legal but you decided that I needed to lose my car because you were being an ass, you left me on the side of the road because my tags were out of date. I understand you were doing your job but there’s plenty of other people doing illegal things worse than not paying for tags you could’ve pulled over. Thanks asshole I now have no way to get to my new job.”

Let’s see, she drove in another state with expired tags for over a year, she moved back to her home state with the same expired tags from when she left, and she’s surprised that she was pulled over. To make matters worse, the car wasn’t titled in her name because she didn’t think it was fair that they wanted to charge taxes on the full vehicle price ($7,500 - $2,000 trade, $5,000 cash). She thought that she only owed on the cash part of the transaction. They impounded the car, likely because it wasn’t titled in her name.

Now she has a ticket, impound fees, and they probably won’t release it until it is registered properly. Having just moved and with a new job, she’s broke and can’t afford any of this.

I hope she has a decent pair of walking shoes.