I share an office with a DBA, who for all intents and purpose can't do anything for himself and asks random questions about where to buy furniture for cheap around his home, where I don't live and have no experience with his neighborhood of Edison NJ, vs I live in Queens NY, some 2 hours away from him at least. He has lived at his current home for over 10 years from what I can gather and is unaware of his surroundings..... Strange.


The worst of it is that when he eats he makes the same sounds my hungry pet does. He slurps, chews with his mouth open and smacks his lips with the occasional groan and murmur. To top it off he was eating yogurt 2 days ago, and I could swear he was lapping the cup... He also lets loose some very loud burps occasionally after eating, makes me wonder who or what raised him.

At this point I'm a bit annoyed, and very amused at the same time. I don't know what to do. However I have 3 options.

1 - pet him and say good boy after he eats.

2 - Have a chuckle every time he eats.

3 - get irritated and ask him to have his lunch in the lunch room.

For now I am having a chuckle...

He also is asking for advice on a cheap vehicle he can use as a station car. Then proceeds to argue with himself about toyotas and hondas retaining their value. While I found him examples of both that are less than 10 years old for less than 2k.

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