The weird tale of my coworker that revolves around divorce, psychology, bikes and porn. AE88? For your time.

The bike shop I work at just got a new mechanic and he’s a hopeless bastard. He’s creepy (he showed me porn for no apparent reason at work today, I dismissed him, then he did the same without provocation with my coworker, who was weirded out.) He also has a DOCTORATE in psychology and he’s working at a bike shop with Community college/High school students. I’ve calculated he’s spent at least 2 years milling around a bike shop after getting a divorce, and effectively dropping several levels within his life. He was a educator of sorts (maybe college? He said he couldn’t find a job for his line of work around here..) He’s not the world’s best mechanic (usually mechanics do 1-2 big tune ups a day and 2 small jobs, such as a bottom bracket install or recabling). He spends 4 hours on one big tune (mind you he was a bike mechanic at college and at 2 bike shop locations before this) when it usually takes 1-2 hours. Usually the mechanic does the tune ups/small jobs 1-2 days or maybe the weekend in advance. He does them the day of. He takes infrequent bathroom breaks/breaks. He also talks about his doctorate a lot. Even My old boss called him “Dr (name)“. The customers identify him as the doctor. His discussions revolve around him “improving himself” (don’t know how but seems the same for the past 2 years), his kids, his doctorate, and whatever weird thing he tried to show me. Neither the time or place, man. He doesn’t drive, but he has a broken motorcycle. He has a 30 mile total round trip commute and cares to ride only 5 miles of it. Not even a rider, but a commuter.


He needs to move on. I understand divorce can tear you apart, but he has so much potential. And that potential is lost in milling about at a bike shop, idly degreasing a cassette with a worn wire brush.

/rant over/