I’ve always liked the Chevy SSR ever since the first time I’ve found out about it way back in 2o04 when Midtown Madness 3 came out (love the game, very quirky lineup of cars in it). And the more I spent time reading about it, the more I want one.

And whats not to love? A retro styled, manual!, RWD, LS2 powered 400hp, foldable hardtop convertible hotrod pickup truck that looks like nothing else on the road! Which is not surprising considering the production model is almost identical to the 2000 SSR concept with a few minor changes. They also seem to hold their values pretty well which makes sense considering the SSR is a pretty unique vehicle that seems to have a strong following.


Thanks Bob Lutz for taking the risk and bringing such a unique and special vehicle like the SSR into production!

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