Shit is not even stanced anymore, it's Hellaflushed and I got proof. Look.

The underbody is scratched yo, there a hole on my handle mayne, my caster felt off from too much epic camber and the caster behind it was like "Yo, rubber, I bet you can't get off me like the rubber you replaced, Bitch!".

Now that Hellaflush is banned here, it's time to get a new racecreeper....with my favorite devil, Snap-On.


So I bought an Heavy Duty Creeper with the adjustable head in black so that grease wont mess it up as much as a red one. It should look exactly like this and be delivered this week. This is gonna be my 5th creeper in 3 yrs...I guess it's a subtle message to either go to the gym or get something that will fit my needs and will last a lifetime.