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My CRX won't start

It's been doing this the last few times I've driven it, but today it never started. Car cranks fine, but won't fire. Any thoughts on what I should check? I'm going to go search the CRX forums, but I thought I'd ask here since I know some of you have Honda experience (I've got a D16A6)

The last few times I've driven it it has struggled to start but eventually fires up. Once it's running it runs perfectly fine, and after it has run for a little bit and been shut down it fires right up the next time. That made me think it was just an issue of it being cold, but it's 38 degrees right now so surely that's warm enough for it to run.

I'm no mechanic, but I figure it's either not getting fuel or not getting spark. I'll probably replace the spark plugs, can't be too difficult. Fuel pump is another story...

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