When it comes to a car purchase- we all had to spend more or less time in choosing the color. We have seen family members are coming up with different proposals- black, red or white, while purchasing a family car. Sometimes, color becomes the deciding factors other than engine, brand or structure.

However, research shows that white is the most popular color, when it comes to buying new cars. Researchers also found black, silver, grey and red are the other preferences round up the top five.

Trends in the electronics industry had a big impact on car colors over the past decade. I think Apple has played the key role in making white the popular color. Just have a look at those iPhones, iPods or iMacs, the color convey the message- ‘Look, I have a modern piece of Technology’.

However, the most interesting issue on car color is that those car color that have low popularity, receive more recognition. We often do not notice many stunning cars in white or black, but don’t often miss an orange or magenta color car!