My current internal debate

Still planning on getting a BRZ in late summer, but I can’t shut up the little voice in my head going “Why not FiST?”

I’ve driven both, I love both. The Fiesta makes more sense; it’s cheaper, the fuel economy is better (and fuel economy is a large part of the reason I’m adding a car to supplement the turbo Outback in the first place), it’s more versatile, and I could conceivably use it for Lyft when the Outback ages out. Also lordy is it a hoot when you’re on it. I autocrossed one when they first came out and it’s a blast to take a corner fast with a little left foot brake to get the back end to step out. But despite this the BRZ has a stronger emotional pull. It looks better, I love the feel of the seating position and the shifter location, I love the joy driving it brings, even during ordinary driving. While the Fiesta feels special when you’re hustling it the BRZ feels special pretty much all the time (that could well just be me and because of my personal driving/vehicle history). The BRZ also seems to have fewer problems, based on the time I’ve spent reading the forums for each.


I feel like if I get the FiST I’ll feel like I was dumb for not getting what I really wanted, and if I get the BRZ I’ll feel like I was dumb for not getting what made sense. Still though, I’m getting the BRZ. Probably. I think.

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