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My Current Obsession: Lamborghini Huracan, but is it a true Lambo?

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After watching a few videos after it's first public unveiling at Geneva, a few weeks ago, I became a Lamborghini Huracan fanatic. I mean look at it. It's design is undeniably Lamborghini: a uninterrupted, curved line from front to back with hexagonal shaped styling all over. As far as power and drivetrain go it shares the same engine as the outgoing Gallardo: a 5.2 liter V10. The last iteration of the Gallardo, the Squadra Corse, had a mere 570 metric horsepower. The Huracan has 610 and a seven speed dual clutch gear box (a first in the company's history). This means the Huracan will most likely be very fast on a track; a Lamborghini that can now keep up with Ferrari 458s and McLaren 12Cs.

But does this mean it's a true Lamborghini? Well if you're Jeremy Clarkson, not really. Clarkson stated recently, 'it doesn't matter how a Lamborghini drives. Ferraris are for going around Silverstone (race track) in two minutes, thirty five seconds. Lamborghinis are for going around Knightsbridge at two thirty five in the morning.' In other words a Lamborghini has to be extreme. Clarkson and many others have criticized the Huracan's looks and drivetrain, saying Lamborghini have gone a bit soft.

Bullshit. How is a 610 hp V10 Lambo that looks badshit insane soft!?

I think when people see the car they'll change their mind. After all many criticized the Aventador, in the beginning, as being too soft.

The Huracan is special car as it marks a new chapter for Lamborghini. It's a true example of mad styling and up to date technology. I'm really exciting to see the upcoming variants for this magnificent car.
For now I'd take one in matte black paint, red calipers, and a two tone black and red alcantara interior. Here's a link for the configurator of the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4.


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