Illustration for article titled My dad and girlfriend got new used cars.

This is my dad’s new-to-him Fiesta from Carvana. It’s not an ST, but it’s still adorable and sporty all in one, and that’s always a great combination.
My girlfriend got his old car, the blue Kia Spectra there, as soon as he picked up the Fiesta. It’s not as exciting, but she loves it. She still calls it my dad’s car, but that will change soon enough, I’m sure.


One question, though.... Does anyone know if aftermarket headlights exist for the Spectra? One is cracked open and the other is yellowed beyond repair, so I really want to replace them for her. I’ll buy standard ones if I need to, but I’m just curious if there are any HIDs or even something different that just looks cool. I can’t find any, but figured I’d ask.


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