About 4 months ago, my father purchased a 2004 4Runner for my brother, after the piston rings in his WJ gave up the ghost at 230K miles. He liked that one so much, he bought himself a 2005 with the famous 4.7L V8, the former bearing the 4.0L V6.

He managed a solid month of use before things began to fail, first went the air conditioning, meriting a few hundred dollars to set right again. He would also have to put new tires on, not a big deal, but yesterday came the worst possible news he could have imagined.

Compression on #2 is about half of what it should be, the suspect being a bad valve.

Bear in mind this vehicle has just 110,000 miles, a wobbly legged fawn by Toyota standards, and has evidence of the timing belt being changed once already, so it is not as if maintenance was completely neglected.


He is going to seek a second opinion, in the interest of ruling out any other suspects. But should a rebuild be in order, estimates from the same shop who rebuilt the 22re in his 87 4Runner are around $3,500.

I suggested acquiring another motor from a Toyota of the same vintage, but then did research to find out the Japanese built motors (4Runner, Cruiser, Prado) are different from the US built motors (Tundra, Sequoia).


What are Oppo's thoughts? Hoping for Hammerhead's input on this...