My dad doesn't want me to buy an E30 because it's too "high-end"

As a fifteen-year-old petrolhead, I always want to plan ahead on what will be my first car. Earlier today, my father and I had that type of conversation, and I said, "I wanna have an E30 BMW 3-series!" However, my dad, being a stereotypical father, disagrees, and I should instead have a common man's Toyota, Honda or Nissan. Reason? So that I won't show off, and people won't give me negative judgements. That is rubbish.

I'm sorry, but saying I can't own an E30 because it's an expensive brand is like saying I can't marry this girl because her family's poor. I am born and raised in a not-so wealthy family, and the only way to balance the yin and the yang is to buy cheap items, food, appliances and, of course, cars. I do agree to that move, but I'm not talking about a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. I'm talking about a vintage E30 BMW 3-series that, in the classifieds, is priced at $4K to $9K.


A high-end car, in my opinion, is a modern, attention-grabbing car that only rich people can own. My first car in mind neither is modern nor an attention-grabber (at least to non-gearheads). It's an 80's German 4-door/2-door/5-door that wasn't meant to be a wealthy man's transportation in the first place (as far as I'm concerned).

If you are a parent and feel offended by this, I do apologize. I just want to get this rant off my chest. All I'm saying is buying something from an expensive brand does not always lead to negative comments. Just let things be.

This is my first rant, so please if there's any error, just let me know politely.

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