My dad got himself an early present

A pair of Celestion Ditton 33s, for a decent price too. They won’t be replacing his current main front speakers, SPL 4000 monitors, but they do sound excellent and will be used for something. He’s been watching for a pair of Ditton 66s, and these will hopefully tide him over until he can find what he really wants. He used to have 4 66s in the early 80s, sold them a long time ago and has regretted doing so since then.

Here’s one of the rather massive SPLs


The 33s do go well with the Ditton 15s he has in the back

I really don’t need to, but all his speaker searching has me poking around Craigslist for something better than my Infinity Kappa 7.1 Series 1 towers, but they were free, so it’s hard to justify spending $600 on Kappa 8s or PSB Stratus Golds, as much as I want both of them, I don’t know if either will sound $600 better than my 7.1s.

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