...one Summer years ago, when I was driving a rental Peugeot in France and I stopped at a lone, self service gas station in the country, to refuel. I was not able to open the damned gas filler flap!! ...of course, no owner's manual in the car (...Sir, we we remove it, otherwise it would be stolen!) and the attendant was just a cute teenager, on her summer job at the bar! So I had to phone to the rental agency while feeling like a moron, pass through all the automated exchange options (...si vous voulez parler avec le service client, appuyez sur 2...), till I succeeded to talk to a garage employee (in French, of course... Monsieur, ici nous sommes en France et parlons français!) and I got this explanation (from the Owner's Manual): Locking and unlocking of the fuel filler flap, the doors and the boot is simultaneous (except when selective unlocking is initialized; in this case press the unlocking button of the remote control again). Is that clear to you? To me it was clear after 10 minutes of vane attempts, since of course the selective locking was on... and no fucking emergency manual unlock that I could find!! Damned, stupid French cars!

This was one of my most tragic automotive moments. Which was yours?