I did the battery swap on my 2010 Crown Victoria Interceptor without issues, after I’d figured out that I needed to unscrew the battery hold-down wedge all the way.

The terminals were cleaned as best as I could, though they still have some corrosion here and there, but not in the area where they come in contact with the battery posts. Also sprayed on that grease preservative.

Started right up. I followed the manual’s instructions for setting the car’s “engine memory” - the fuel economy strategy. Dropped off my old battery at Costco, got $15 back in cash.


Went to the Pick & Pull south of my town, hunted around for a center console that would fit my car, but realized that all the Grand Marquises, Lincoln Town Cars, and Crown Vic LX’s simply had wider seats, rather than a proper, normal center console.

Welp. With it in my head that I’m not walking away empty-handed, I pulled a wire tree, plastic wire sleeves, and a rubber boot for the alternator terminal from the Crown Vics I could find, and started hunting around for a center console in the other Fords that would be a good fit. No dice.

Went to the one up in Arlington. They had three Vics, but all the trunks were sealed shut, and I had no means to force them open because the cars’ trunk release was electronically actuated, or functioned by mechanical key - which was pointless since I had no key for those junkyard cars.

Baaaah. Went south, grabbed a USB charger for my car, and then hit up a local tavern for a stiff drink. Turns out that their “Inception” drink wasn’t alcoholic enough for my tastes, but it was as-advertised: “A drink inside a drink.” A shotglass with Kraken Black Spiced Rum trapped upside down in a glass of Sprite. The warning on its description made me think it was supposed to have a nice, stiff kick.


It did not.

The next time I want a drink that’s mixed by a bartender, I’m going to the Ivar’s restaraunt by the Mukilteo Ferry and having myself a 1938 Special. Two of those gets me good and drunk for a couple of hours.