...when I saw this little guy on my way home from work on Highway 103 today!!!

I didn’t have a great day - work was unpleasant and I just found out mom apparently has Lyme Disease after being worryingly uncomfortable / sick all week...great times. :( :S

No idea if it was imported here or what, but what you see on your left is a Citroen Acadiane - a later, more fancy 2CV van model based on the 2CV-based Citroen Dyane. Very cool! I had my window open as I drove past and even on that flat stretch of highway, that little air-cooled 2-cylinder had an amazingly distinct exhaust note and was merrily struggling away to keep the little van as close to the highway speed limit of 100kph as it could...let’s just say there was still a long queue of traffic behind the little guy! :D

Pretty sure it could be some Europeans who imported it to do a tour of Canada as the side is covered in a lot of illegible-as-it-passed-at-100kph stickers and there was an extra (non-factory mount) spare tire on the side along with a set of rally-style extra lights on the front. I sure wish I had seen it stopped somewhere and had time to go meet the owners and talk about their awesome ride! I couldn’t tell what plate it had on the back, but I didn’t really see a plate on the front, so no idea where it was from. Long story short - it brought a very needed smile to my face, if only for a few seconds! :D