My day went not as expected

The dealer didn’t have the parts needed, and no loaners, so I have to go back next week. They’ll honour it under warranty even though that’ll be expired by the time I go in next week, and they’ll cover my gas since I drove an hour and a half to get there. Shit happens (I’m very much used to that at work), so no harm no foul.


I went the the Humboldt SPCA after meet this girl, Saxon. She’s eight, and staff said she’ll be paralyzed in two years due to existing conditions. We talked about my work life, and agreed it was better for me to not adopt her. But I’ll keep an eye open in the future.

At least I managed to catch up with a friend on a whim. They let me play with their dog, Rocket. He’s a very good boy.

Life never goes as planned, so I can only guess how my trip to Moose Jaw will go tomorrow.

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