I hopped in this morning to drop off the kiddo at daycare and head to school for a stats test. School and back, no problem. On the way back home I stopped at O’Reilly to snag a set of fancy MSD ignition wires to fix a nasty miss I’ve been living with for a couple weeks. Head home, go to install wires, think “it would be a shame to install such nice wires in such a dirty engine bay.” Out comes the pressure washer and Purple Power.

New wires in, hood shut, go get ready for work. Hop in to leave for work at 1:15 pm, pull out of the neighborhood accelerating lightly and at about 15 mph... BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG... DAFUQ?! Pulled over, tried to drive forward to pinpoint the noise- no forward movement. Sweet. Call work, ain’t coming in.

Limp home in 4x4, leaving a trail of 80/90 down the street... Jack it up, break torque on all the hardware, then run inside to check car-part.com for a rear end. Found one not too far away. Hook up the trusty old Cherokee to the car trailer and head out into Portland afternoon traffic.

I decided to go to work after picking up the new rear end... Everyone is sitting around with nothing going on. Cool. I don’t feel bad for bailing now.

Get home around 7, help with the night ritual, eat a quick meal with the Mrs, and get to work!


Around 10:30 I got to a good stopping point... Then immediately realized the Mrs. leaves super early for work and I have to get the wee one to daycare. The Cherokee has a half- installed rear seat... The Suburban is my only suitable kid hauler. Right then...

Finished the job about midnight.

I used a combination of the power driver seat and a harbor freight level to assist me in bleeding the brakes.


It’s nice to know I still have it in me to pull an all night big fix on my daily.

I just finished a shower beer. It’s bed time.