My DC-10-50TI Took Its First Flight Today

And it was garbage. By my own tests, my machine can play FSX on Ultra settings, but my 2007 Deluxe Edition DVD version is so buggy that it’s a waste of time tuning my GPU to run it. I have no idea why I’m still trying to use my old FSX DVD when the better optimized Steam Edition exists. It seems to me that Windows 7 was the last OS that the DVD versions could efficiently play.

At any rate, it took me over a week to get this machine running. First, I had to trim the front fan down 1mm so it wouldn’t strike its own ducting. Then I attempted to circumvent having to pay for Windows 10 by installing one of my 100 copies of Windows 7 then using the Assistive Technologies loophole to get free Windows 10. But alas, both my mobo and my CPU are entirely incompatible with Windows 7...So even though I was finally able to get it installed after a few days of fighting non-working USBs in the installer (sourcing a PS/2 keyboard solved this), the OS was so broken it was literally impossible to get the Windows 10 upgrade to run.

So uh, I had to part ways with $100.

Pro tip: If you want to run Windows 7, DO NOT get a Ryzen CPU with current architecture.


Here’s the finished build, quietly running behind a spare 32" 720p TV.

Side Note: Why in the heck does Windows 10 come with freaking bloatware? Come on Samsung Microsoft!

Also weird how Speccy states my RAM is 1064 unknown. Edit: Apparently that’s a known Speccy thing...It sometimes displays half the advertised clock speed of a RAM stick.



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