My decision just got a lot harder

I had another phone interview today. I was at lunch with my friend in Savannah, who was flew in so we could drive to a friends bachelor party, and my phone rigs. We never set a time for the phone interview so I had no idea when it was going to be. Did it at the table anyways, we were already done eating and waiting to pay. Finish the interview with the guy saying well if that sounds good to you, we’ll send you an offer. First of all, why the fuck didn’t that happen when I was unemployed. Secondly, what the frac am I going to do.

This job would be in Texas. I don’t want to live in Colorado; a lot of people are like that’s awesome you’ve got an offer in Colorado, but I don’t really want to live there. I don’t really do the whole winter thing. They would also be paying more than the offer in Colorado.


To answer people’s questions from my previous post. I don’t want to work in the field again, but I would take this job to get to a job I wanted eventually. That would take a couple years. I like having a normal schedule, but the grass isn’t always greener. I haven’t been that happy since taking this job; I’m just not good at making friends and having a social life. People from work are either on a shift or are married, and I haven’t been successful outside of work. None of my friends are near here. The money isn’t the main issue. Yeah, I’m currently underpaid, but I really don’t like my job that much. I would rather find a job down here. I’m going to talk to my employer tomorrow and talk about my future at the company, because if I could get a better opportunity going forward, it would make my outlook brighter. I at least would like to get some extra money out of it, that would at least mollify me for the time being.

Right now I have a very tough decision on my hands and I don’t know what the frac I’m going to do.

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