Three years ago April I found a nice sturdy wood desk at Goodwill for $40. I’ve been through the flimsy flat pack stuff from big box stores, and even a not-so-bad piece from Ikea, but I always wanted something that was built for the ages. This looked like a good candidate, so I declared NP and got it.

As it sat in the Goodwill store with stuff piled on and around it.

This thing is very heavy, and sits on two big pedestal feet instead of four legs. I had to stand it up on one end to get it through the door into the house, and there was no flex it in at all. The veneer has some cracks and peeling, but it’s solid wood underneath.

I found a couple of identifying marks inside a drawer.

The original seller, or manufacturer, or both?


The manufacturer? At least the brand.

It turns out the company goes back a few years. I don’t know how to tell when it was built, but it seems possible it’s a good bit older than I am. I found a site with a little history:


Apparently nice examples go for quite a lot of money. Here’s one that helps date mine, it has the same drawer pulls:


So, shop your local Goodwill stores, and keep your eyes open. People let go some real gems.