Ok, I was going to hold off on posting this until it had come to some sort of conclusion (pleasing or otherwise) and it seems we have just about reached that point.

I originally had plans to post about how nice my car looked after detailing and to give them credit for the nice job however, after receiving the car, plans changed.

FYI: TL;DR at bottom

The backstory:
I took my car to get detailed last Friday at a detailing shop (Will be disclosed if it doesn't turn out). It was a gift Groupon from my then fiance, now wife. And I finally got a chance to bring in my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

Now, I realize that my car is not perfect nor do I claim that it is. HOWEVER, if I bring my car to you in a state that is intact and functional, I expect functional parts to remain functional. This unfortunately was not the case.

The issue:
Although small in comparison to many things that could have happened, this is quite important to me in my normal every day lifestyle. The cupholder in my car was brutally murdered by a bumbling oaf of a detailer. My cupholder in my car is a flip-out version that is made of plastic and built into the console itself (See pic, same part but not my car). Now I know this piece is part of GM's beautiful handywork during the late 90's, but it has worked perfectly until now. I use this cupholder daily for holding my phone and for holding drinks (as you would expect). Unfortunately, the cupholder in my car now is only being held by one side and is broken in multiple parts of the whole. When placing anything on the cupholder, I now must be concerned about a) Whether my phone will fall into the functionless abyss that is the console or b) Whether the cupholder can even support drinks without collapsing into the console.

The aftermath:
So after picking up my car after hours (remember, Groupon paid for) and having my father-in-law drive it back, things seemed nice. A few minor spots here and there where the detailer missed some bird poop (in his defense it was caked on there and alcohol didn't help), a missed portion of the windshield, or road tar on the hood. I figured I'll just take care of those if that's the worst of it.

The next day, I go to put my iPhone in the cupholder and tragedy strikes. It opens up like a pop-up birthday card, plastic pieces unfolding in multiple directions and other pieces sinking into the console. At this point, I'm a little upset but figure that it's probably just out of its socket and needs popped back in. I attempt to no avail

I call up the detailers on Monday and they tell me to make the 30-minute trek up so that they can have a look. So I do make the trek and point out the cupholder and bird poop and missed sections for waxing.

He looks and pokes and prods and agrees that "Yes, that cupholder is broken".

"Hooray", I think, rejoicing in the upcoming solution.

He then tells me, "If I go ask the guy that worked on this, I know he'll just tell me, 'It was already like that', so I'll talk to the owner and see what we can do for you."

At this point, I'm a little upset that he had doubted me but he seemed like a nice enough guy and honestly I have no problem with him.

He calls up the owner, they talk for about 5 minutes and come to a solution. I'm going to have a dealer look at it, give me a quote to replace it and give them the part number and price. Ok, fair enough.

So I make the trek to my local GM dealership and they look into it. They tell me that it appears as though my console may be broken as well as the cupholder. They look up the prices and tell me as follows:

  • Cupholder - $178.50 + $65.00 in labor
  • Console - Not Available for Purchase (No longer produced)

So I call up the detailers and let them know, he calls me back today and tells me that the owner has decided my car is "too old" and that he will give me "30 or 40 bucks" to get it from a junkyard. Now, I'm no fool but "30 or 40 bucks" isn't what we talked about.

I tell the nice fellow that this is displeasing and unfortunate and he tells me "Yeah, I completely understand. When the owner told me to tell you that, my jaw dropped."

At this point, I've realized the owner is a douche and I have a decent guy on my side. I tell him that I was going to get tinting done at this establishment but now knowing that things will be broken in my car with little to no replacement, that I can no longer do that. He agreed and understood. But now I came up with a counter-offer: they could tint my car for free and they could forget about the cupholder. The nice guy on the phone said he would offer it up to the owner and see what he thinks.

As of right now, I'm waiting for a response...anyone else dealt with crap like this before?

TL;DR - Got car detailed, they broke something, they said they'd pay to get it fixed, found out breaking things is expensive, changed their minds and offered 1/6th off the quote. I counter-offered for a free tint job and now I'm waiting to hear back.