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To start off, both dogs are ok. It ended up being a dog we know, but it was being walked by a different neighbor, so it took a minute to figure out the connection. Anyway, the neighbor’s dog (we know them well, our sons play together every day) is not dog friendly. It’s a sweetheart around people, but is very aggressive towards other dogs. The owner told their neighbor, who asked to walk it, to not let it be around other dogs. She even recounted how the owner told her to cross the street if she even saw another dog. So, instead, she decided to come to our front porch, knowing we have a dog, and despite the fact that she probably hasn’t stepped foot near our house in a good three years. No animosity, we just aren’t friends with them, just neighborly.


Anyway, my wife sees lady on porch with dog and calls me to hold our dog. Scout is a friendly pup and likes to greet people on the porch. I hold Scout by the collar and my wife opens the door. The other dog is on a retractable leash, and bolts in as soon as the door opens and grabs Scout by the neck. It happened SO fast, I hear my dog whimper, and I try to pull the other dog off, but it wouldn’t let go. I had to punch it three or four times before it finally released and I was able to shove it back outside. I check out my pup and find no wounds, and he is actually happy and back to normal in no time.

A few minutes later, the dog’s owner calls and apologizes profusely. She then tells us the lady walking her dog told her that our dog darted out of the door, chased them and started attacking their dog. They know our dog well, and their dog well, and she actually tells my wife, our dog got in, didn’t he? (Her son actually saw everything happen, too.)

So to summarize. Neighbor walks another neighbors dog. Is warned about it being aggressive and is told not to let it around other dogs, so she immediately comes to our house, knowing we have a dog, then lies about the encounter.