lately I’ve been daydreaming of my ideal hotrod. It’s something that will most likely never happen, but man would it be cool.

So here goes. For starters A 66 Dodge D100, longbox. Preferably red with a bit of Patina. Something like this, less the tow mirrors(I think this is actually a D200).

Actually here’s a better pic

I like the two tone on this one


I love he big dopey headlights. It would be on AirRide suspension for driver comfort, and bitchin’ looks. I’d leave the exterior as stock as possible.

I also did the taillights.


So know you thinking “yeah so what’s the big deal, we’ve seen this before.” but here’s the twist. For the rumble under the hood, instead of a 440, or 426, I’d go with a 5.9 Cummins, followed by a manual transmission because hotrods shouldn’t be automatic.

Now would this work? can this engine even fit in that truck? I have literally no idea, but if this engine can push a 6000lb 4x4 beast of a modern truck, Imagine how much ass it would haul in a oldschool stripped down RWD truck.


Bit I’m 90% sure it wouldn’t fir vertically. :(

I mean just look at it