Hey guys, I’ve long had a dream of buying a classic convertible car and driving on perhaps a weeklong roadtrip. I was thinking the coastal roads of California. Preferably with a lovely lady by my side. I think this is totally a bucket list item for me, it may happen in 2 years, it may happen in 10 years, but I feel a strong need to make it happen! How would you approach this?

  • Roadkill style: by a cheap-ish car, fix it, hope for the best. Unless I find a skilled mechanic to go along with me, I don’t think this is a realistic option.
  • Buy a car sight unseen, somewhere near a good starting point, have it directly sent to a mechanic for a thorough service and inspection. Arrive and drive! I imagine with some of the less sought after convertibles from that 60's/70's this would be financially feasible.
  • Rent. But then I wouldn’t have a car at the end of this, it’s not strictly necessary though and I’d be able to rent a well-sorted example, I hope, although not sure how many people would entrust me with their vintage automobile for 1k+ miles.
  • Buy in Michigan, take my time to get everything sorted, go from there. This would be safest, but also most boring. It takes some of the adventurous spirit out of this.
  • Give up, rent v6 Mustang