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My E-Scooter Hit 40 km/h... Then I Blew It Up

I’ve spent the last few years repeatedly modifying my Razor E300 to be faster and awesomer. Fitted with big lithium batteries and a juicy 500W motor, I had it regularly hitting 33 km/h in a straight line. This was just about as fast as my cousin’s rig, so naturally, I needed yet more speed.

The solution? I grabbed a bit of steel and cut out my very own sprocket using an angle grinder, a Dremel, and my home photocopier. This got me up to 40 km/h, more than enough to leave my buddies in the dust.

Hooning along was great fun, but I only had a range of about 5 kilometers before I’d run out of juice. This was a pretty hard limit on how much fun I could have with my pals, so I decided I’d invest in a bigger battery.

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I sourced myself an 18 Ah 36V unit, over twice the capacity of my original batteries. Sounded like a good plan, at first. Unfortunately, I quickly realised it couldn’t deliver the same current as my original batteries, so I had to reduce my performance somewhat. I reduced the current limit on the speed controller, and switched the gearing back to drop my top speed.


I went out on a final test ride, absolutely psyched to get some good range out of the rig, hooning around the suburbs. Alas, 8 kilometers of heavy riding proved too much, and the poor motor simply couldn’t dump the heat fast enough. Now I’m out several hundred bucks for a motor upgrade to get the most out of the expensive battery I just bought. It’s always something!

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