Hey Opponauts, it has been awhile. I am way too bored with studying for my heat transfer test, so I am curious what project (automotive or not) that you are working on.

Condition when purchased:

For a couple of years I have been working on my basket case of a motorcycle. It is a 1974 Honduhhh CB360. Well, it will partially be one by the time I am finished with it. Right now I have cut off unnecessary tabs and brackets, made a fiberglass seat cowl, installed a 1978 Yamaha XS750 tank, upgraded the gauges, upgraded the controls and wiring, upgraded lighting, LED signals, installed adjustable clip-on handle bars, painted, the tanks and cowl, Motion Pro throttle, Nissin Master Cylinder, and added a pair of Mikuni VM30s.

Broke down on a shakedown ride. It is good to have friends with trailers.


Recently I purchased some Suzuki GS850 pistons that will give me 20cc of extra displacement and they are 11% lighter than the stock pistons. I am hoping for at least 40hp to the wheel. Not bad for a bike that will weigh around 300 lbs.

Future plans (money inhibiting plans at the moment) are Suzuki GSXR forks/brakes, Harley Davidson Dyna front hub with a wider rim, wider rear rim, better tires, powder coating nearly everything, black wrinkle paint on the engine, electric starter delete, carbon fiber seat cowl (waiting to do that next fall for when I take a composites class while I can get FREE carbon fiber), integrated taillight, 2-1 exhaust, Works Performance rear suspension, and rearsets.



My vision for the final color scheme is inspired by this.


All of the work I have done on my own. Mostly when classes are slow for me.