Just as all the cars I've had before her, I love my car. I tend to keep my cars for six months to a year maximum and don't recall ever having one for more than a year. For my birthday this year in May I decided to purchase a very clean single owner E39 530i, which I absolutely adore.

I met her originally with intent to sell her to someone else, but they couldn't see what I saw. I kept it on my lot for a couple days and drove her for errands here and there. She had 121k miles on her and she was beautiful in and out. I had an e36 and e46 prior and knew what I was getting into, so just a few days after my 25th birthday I pulled the trigger on her and sealed the deal.

My only day off is Wednesday, and we would take that day to travel as far as her tank will allow. She took me to Laguna Seca for a late night bicycle ride, down the 1 and along the coast to Big Sur. We've seen the way to Yosemite and the wildfires of Strawberry, past that all the way to Tahoe. North to Oregon and South to San Diego. She has not fussed when I plow her to top speed and thrown her into bends without relent. I beat her and she still is here for me.

I looked at my cluster tonight and saw this.


She's almost out of gas, and I've been too lazy put gas in her because I am reimbursed if done during business hours. Her fuel pump must be straining to find the quarter gallon left within. Then I notice the mileage. In 6 short months I have put more than 30k very hard miles on her, and I now realize that I don't want to give her up yet. I don't want to lose her to someone else, they might treat her better, but I am selfish and want to keep her to the end. I know she can't keep up with me flogging her this long. I shouldn't be so hard on her, but she won't protest. I'm feeling regret, like I've hurt a friend. Tomorrow we'll take a drive. Like every other wednesday, but tomorrow we will enjoy a cruise instead of beating our way through traffic like a crazed man in a blue BMW. I'll enjoy our time together even if it isn't as wild as before.