My E60 M5 Got New CA Arts Plates!

So much for getting a slightly vulgar three letter plate! They’ve run out! Douglas Demuro was right. He was lucky to get KEG in his... I was a little too late... I hoped for BUM, IRK, RUB, or WEE, but I got something completely different.

The California Arts plates have been available since 1993, which feels like an automotive eternity. The artist who created the image titled it “Coastline”, an appropriate name for such a pretty art-deco beach scene.


The CA Arts plates, if ordered without custom digits, would be assigned with a three letter/three number configuration (Ex: 123 ABC). The three letters used were those that California thought were too offensive to issue back in the 1950s and 1960s. That’s why Doug Demuro has KEG in his Ford GT plate, or why you’ll see all sorts of odd words, abbreviations, or letters that look close to a word.

I wonder when we will see a new stand plate design?

These are by far the best looking plates offered in the golden state. I’ve got the 1960s black and yellow plates, the Yosemite plate is a close third, followed by the Tahoe plate. But it’s the palms, ocean, and sunset, that take the cake for me. What else could you want for a California plate?!

The bright colors and scene are a great homage to the 1980s California Sunset plates, which were the shortest production (modern) plates. Infact, fun fact, the Sunset plates were on the ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean with “OUTATIME” as the license. That is meteoric cool...


If you’ve always wanted a Sunset plate, these are as close as you can get. Granted, you could buy a car with its original Sunset plates, but what do you really want from around 1984 to 1987?

I really wanted to get some ridiculous or unusual three letter plate, but they’ve apparently run out. I was too late to the game to get an offensive word. At least I know now... and so do you! You’ll have to pick your sightly offensive license plate now.


You better be creative, as the state is pretty good at rejecting anything appearing offensive. I have no idea how BUKKAKE slipped though the cracks... saw that one in San Francisco years ago.

Sidenote: A megacab fits in my garage! WIN for the team!

If you’re a plate nerd like me, there is a great article from OTAKU OBSESSION about the different CA Plates - HERE.

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