I am pretty miffed with my employer. At night, before a three day weekend, I get an email telling me, “Oh by the way, we expect you have to have such and such insurance with liability maxes in excess of such and such.” This is halfway through our contract period, and I brought up my car several times, and there has never been a mention of this. It’s also not in the contract.

I have the mandatory legal minimums because I’m a very safe driver and because my car is worthless. I receive zero transportation compensation from this employer regarding my car and never expected my private commute time would make them in anyway liable. And even then, my current insurance card has a lot of information I don’t want my employer to have, like my plate number, my VIN, my mechanic’s info... I don’t want them to have this information.

I really cannot lose this position, but I also feel like I’m being put on the spot and extorted here. :/