My experience at Consumer Reports Test Track

Lots of news lately about Consumer Reports and their Tesla prompted me to share this with the Oppo crowd. I had originally paid for a CR subscription almost 3 years ago in order to do some research into baby related stuff, and started commenting on their Car articles as well. I've come to appreciate their car reviews much more than I ever thought I would... because quite frankly, not everyone can be an enthusiast, and even enthusiasts need to be practical with their money.

Anyway, few months ago, CR decided to try a video podcast where they could do some Q&A with subscribers. I provided my opinions and comments, presuming they'd be ignored... but it turns out they really appreciated the feedback. After a few direct emails and conversations, I participated in Episode 1's call-in session. At the end of said episode, they asked for name suggestions to the show, and they picked mine - "Talking Cars."

Since I named the show, and live only about 25 minutes away from their track, they invited me up to film a segment for Episode 3. As it turns out, Jake Fisher, the director of auto testing, took me out drifting in their Scion FR-S. As the Scion and BRZ are now their tire-test vehicles, it had 18" Michelin Pilot Super Sports on rather than the stock Primacy tires, so I got quite a thrashing.


Point being, CR doesn't often get a lot of love from car enthusiasts, but the guys there really are car enthusiasts themselves. Sure, they're a bit geeky like most engineers (like yours truly) they have to test all those other boring cars too, but they are a great bunch.

After the "get a better driver" comments in the Tesla video, I figured I'd post this, because I can attest that Jake most definitely CAN drive.

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