When I was a kid, I loved toy cars, I'd spend days playing with them, but by the time I got into middle school, my dad told me to put them into a box underneath my bed and I never took them out again unless it was for a school project and I just needed to bring in something to share.

Fast forward to the day I leave for college and I quickly grab two cars with me as a way for me to remember home, a Tomica Crown (LS kind of car) and one of the four F40s I have at home. When I went home for Winter Break, I also brought back with me one of my 911s. Whenever I went grocery shopping with my friends, I also started looking for cars and my 4 car collection quickly grew into one with 27 on my desk and almost another 40 in two boxes (that I kept from the KMart Collector's Day since me and my friend got to open a brand new box.)

I've completed three or four trades which resulted in getting another F40, the M3 to finish my collection and three of my favorite Porsche model ever made.

I don't know how I'm going to explain to my parents that an online community of mostly adults got me back into Hot Wheels, but that's the story they're going to have to get. ^-^

Freaking glad to be an Opponaut.