I've been lucky to travel all around the world from a very young age and at 30 years old, I've already lived in 4 different countries. I've also encountered Police men and women quite a few times, either being at fault or not.

So I just thought I'd do a little write up about my feelings when it came to those encounters.

France Police: (Mostly dealt with the Gendarmerie Nationale, which is not exactly the Police... They are technically military. They are the ones that deal with speeding though). Professional. Too maybe? Tend to be very serious when in front of the "customer", but don't hide it very well when they laugh at your expense when they go back to their car to "check on something".

Quebec Police: WTF? I don't think I've ever talked to a cop that was over 35 year old. So many are young men and women, visible tattoos and so on. Felt like they were VERY unprofessionnal and made me think that most of those "kids" were just here waiting for some action, not really giving a single fuck about your problems...

US police: The lottery. You get everything... Nice cop, power tripping cop, tired cop, seen it all cop, cowboy cop, anti-canadian (eventhough I'm not) cop...etc.


Japanese Police: Robots. They have their job to do a certain way, they do it the way it is written in the book period. I feel that way quite often when it comes to Japanese at work in general though.

British Police: By far the nicest I've had to deal with. Always liked talking, remained very professionnal but natural. Loved it really lol.

Czech Republic Police: They are nice... But you're not from here, you can't read the signs and they know it. There are litteraly "tourist traps" in some part of Praha, it's crazy. They just wait and arrest all the tourists that make the same mistake one after another, just to make them pay. Kind of scandalous really. I've been arrested and I had to wait in line with other tourists from all around Europe to pay my fine. Crazy really. They'll also wait for you, coming out of Germany, while you still feel like going crazy slow doing only 160kmh to stop you and fine you. You are not allowed a single glass of alcohol either. 0 mg per breathed liter of air. 0. 0. 0. 0. NOT 0.1 or you go to jail. So be careful.


These are all the countries I've had police encounters in my life for now... Keep in mind this is just how I felt and in no way reflect the reality of things. As far as I know British cops could be terrible assholes, but I've dealt with the few that were really nice :)

So how do you see your cops? The ones from other countries you've dealt with?