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My family dodged a massive bullet tonight (literally)

So my family lives about 10 minutes from a pretty high end mall (the anchors are Dillards, Saks Fifth Ave, and Nordstrom). We get into our parking spot at around 6:45 tonight for a random mall walk with our 22 month old. We spend about a hour or so in the mall just walking/talking/window shopping.

We get done and go back out to our car and we see cops milling around the parking area we parked and as we sorta see some police tape in an area close to our car.. A police officer sees us walking toward the area and stops us and asks where our car is at.. We tell him just up the way next to his police car. He calls it in to make sure we are able to go to our car, says we’re good but he needs to escort us. As we are walking we see a lone car with bullet holes littering the left side of the car. My wife proceeds to quietly, to me, shit herself and tells us we need to leave ASAP (well duh). When we get our car, and before we can leave, the cop had to check for BULLET HOLES. Luckily none, and we make our way home... If we were just 15 minutes later than we were, we would have been involved/witness to a shooting.



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