... soesn’t seem to understand cause and effect. About two and a half years ago, he killed the black snake that lived in the wellhouse. It did no harm to any of us, and helped keep the vermin population down. Within a month of him killing the snake, all three houses on the property had a mouse infestation. Time to get traps and D-Con. Mice gone for a while.

Picture unrelated: it’s a keychain from a customer’s Odyssey van.

We live in rural North Carolina. We laid some food out in the barn last year when we saw a few stray cats roaming around the property. Within a few days, there were regular kitty visitors who enjoyed killing mice. Mice gone.

This summer, my FIL decided to move a few campers in big travel trailers next to the barn. We were told it would just be one or two and they’d be here a few months. It’s three campers - all of them pipeline workers who live out of state but are working for Piedmont Natural Gas. One of the campers has a whole family - the pipeline guy, his wife, 2 kids, and 2 dogs that get crated outside a few hours a day and run around loose when the family is outside. Naturally, the dogs scared off the cats.

This morning, I heard a scuffling and shuffling behind the stove. Time to get traps and D-Con again.