A few years ago, my friends got me this diecast model for my birthday.

The thing is: the 59 Corvette has always been my dream car. My friends knew this, mostly because I had a phase when I wouldn’t stop talking about it.

I had tried to find a model in several stores, while the 57 model is pretty easy to find, I had never found the 59 model.

One of my friends had better knowledge of diecast and R/C models, and managed to source this limited edition model, in a store in Paris (500km from here). He asked his sister, who studied there, to go get it (from the other side of the city), she then brought it the next time she came home.

The model itself is great, and really detailled, but it’s the story that makes it my favorite.




AUTOart model, 1/18, licensed by GM, limited to 6000 unit worlwide (fwiw)

Photographed on black glass (my coffee table) with a compact camera (Sony DSC-W275) in the dark, with a flashlight for lighting :)