I’ve had a decent amount of cars. I think I’m around 25 or so thus far. Not extraordinary by any means, but enough to have sampled a fair share of beaters in that mix.

My favorite has to be my ‘90 Saab 900T. This was bought around 2004/5 timeframe for the princely sum of $900. It came with all service records from new and was in remarkable condition. The gent selling it had just replaced it with his dream car, a 9000 Aero. He listed it an Autotrader with 1 horrible out of focus night time picture. When I called him to schedule a time to meet, he told me it was “mucus colored”. He wasn’t a great salesman.

Anyhow, I drove it, liked it, and bought it. I didn’t negotiate the price, as a thought it was fair. It needed tires, so a slapped some Yokohamas and it, and it came with a winter set of Nokians on black steelies. It was a wonderful car until I let all of the transmission fluid seep out the right inner drive and suffered a catastrophic failure. I sold it for $500 as a towaway. I kinda wished a would’ve fixed it, although I replaced it with a beastly 1985 Ramcharger.


Note the OEM Remote CD player in the center console. Much like computers and servers of the era, you had to put the CD tray, then insert it into the player. The rest of the interior was quite mint, and like many 2 door used cars, I don’t know if the rear seats were ever sat in before I bought it. It even had the original Saab tool kit and manuals!


The room in the hatch area was immense! With those seats folder down, I hauled a full chest or drawers, and was able to close the hatch!