The reward given to each World Series MVP is a vehicle provided by Chevy. They typically give out whatever their latest debut vehicle is. But this means the vehicle is different. This year, for example, Stephen Strasburg recieved a brand new mid-engined C8 Corvette. 

Pretty sweet huh. Well a Corvette wasn’t given out every year. Back in 2014, Madison Bumgarner won the MVP, and received Chevy’s latest creation:


Yup, a Chevy Colorado. Albeit this one looks well equipped with the Z71 package. That is a vehicle that costs half of the C8. I did a quick search to see if there was a list anywhere of what Chevy has handed out to these players, but yielded nothing. So I will do it myself, and post about it separately. I pray no one received a well equipped Cruze LT for winning the MVP. I’m also not sure how far back they’ve been doing this. But imagine receiving a Pontiac Aztek for being the best player in the World Series.

Bonus: Here’s the presentation of the Chevy Colorado to Madison. Either this guy had all the nerves, or he did a little early celebration prior to the presentation.

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